Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bibbity Bobbity Boo & Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! For anyone of you moms out there who are crafty, artful mommas in addition to being ModMommas, my "real job" (aka "The One That Makes a Paycheck") is offering a 10% coupon for today, as well as a promotional giveaway. When you spend $125 (after your 10% coupon), receive a limited edition canvas tote bag.

More information available at (Shameless plug)

My kid is a drooler. No, I mean it, he's a serious drooler. Long before teeth starting conspiring to errupt, this poor kid made some serious spit. Consequently, he's turned into a bib kid. At first, I was seeking out something to simply mop up the volume of fluid. As he's gotten older (and thankfully, less drooly) we've started to need bibs for other purposes, like eating.
As the mother of such a serious drooler, I consider myself a psuedo-expert on fabulous bibs. Should you find yourself in need of a stylish hunk of fabric to sop up spit or to protect baby from himself (and his food) try some of these on for size:

Cotton bibs with chenille backing

Assorted bib styles - (left to right) Feeding Bib, Teething Bib, Get Messy SmockBella Tunno:
Cotton bibs with terry velour backing:

(left to right) Laminated Bib, Laminated Play Smock

JJ Cole Collections:
Laminated Canvas Bib:


  1. You always know what's cool! Love them all!

  2. I have that JJ Cole bib and I *love* it. Its even better than the Bumkins for mealtime.

  3. we love bibs, forget about fancy shirts, more fancy bibs! :)

    our fav is the mum2mum bibs! you should give one a whirl.