Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Slacker Mommy Finally Posts...Hello, Jack and Lily!

I have been a victim of the weather. It whispers in my ears. It pulls me outdoors during the day. "Plant the broccoli." "Mow the lawn...Quick, before it rains again." "Its going to be cold tonight...Protect the garden from the frost." So I've been a big slacker, working in the yard instead of posting new and fabulous baby gear.
Jack and Lily makes high quality baby footwear (in over 70 styles!). Luckily, its oh-so-adorable, too. Their shoes are made from ultra-soft leather that conforms to the British and European Safety Standard Safety of toys', as well as the Japanese Industrial Safety Standard. And to make you feel like you just bought Baby (and yourself) a present, each pair of shoes is packaged in a gift bag. Each pair of slip-ons is designed to encourage a baby's development. These soft-soled shoes invite babies to discover, touch and smile.
To Buy:
Limited Offer: Buy any 2 pair and receive free shipping. Coupon Code - "FREESHIP"


  1. I NEED a pair of these, like now!

  2. My favs though are the pink ones... if they made them in my size I would totally wear them!