Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fabulous Fabrics

In my job that pays (no, writing a blog doesn't pay my bills, unfortunately), I get paid to pay attention to trends in the craft, textile and art world (its not writing a blog, but its a pretty sweet gig, nevertheless). A fair portion of the time, I see things and don't give them a second thought. Weeks or months later, I'll be doing something else and I'll have a spark. "Haven't I seen that before? Where have I seen that??" As I delve further in the world of baby gear with modern flair, I'm seeing a distinct crossover between the modern textiles I deal with at work and the fabulous products I'm loving for my baby.

Armed with a little knowledge about the fabrics that adorn your favorite baby gear, you can satiate your own Soft Chic Center by using matching and coordinating fabrics elsewhere. Case in point - Planetwise Wetbags. "Where have I seen that before??" Oh right, that print is a fabric by Heather Bailey. Planetwise (who is probably throwing things at my blog right now for giving away their secrets) may be calling this print Green Meadows, but I know that its from Heather's Pop Garden line of fabrics. Heather's line if beautiful and if you want to coordinate your diaper bag (assuming you sew, or can pawn the project off on someone who can) with your new fabulous wetbag, the sky's the limit.
Here are just a few of the other gorgeous fabrics from Heather's Pop Garden line:

Heather Bailey isn't the only designer to be embraced by the baby gear industry, either. More and more I'm seeing awesome products sporting prints by Amy Butler. The Peanut Shell Baby Slings are a great example (again, Peanut Shell people throwing things at their computers). A number of their styles use Amy Butler prints, including some of their newer products, line the swaddlers shown below).

The talented people who create unique clothing on Etsy.com are in the mix, too. The print on this dress is also a Heather Bailey print.

So if you're a crafty momma, get out there are coordinate your gear! If you're not, well, you need to find someone who is!


  1. These are beautiful! I love fabric - could spend hours in a fabric shop thinking of all things I could do if I had the time or skills. Thanks for sharing these!! I'm digging the Pop Garden line!!

  2. You should see the other Heather Bailey line..."Freshcut"


  3. OMG love it!!! So vibrant and full of fun!

  4. The Pop Garden line is awesome. I love the contrasting color scheme - why does it just seem like babies get all the cool patterns?

    And I'm quite positive that I've lost entire paychecks to etsy. Sigh.