Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boikido Toys

If you're a kid at heart, you love your baby's toys. I've carefully picked out alot of Andy's toys. Some are nostalgic, some are oh-so-modern and cool, some I wish I had had when I was his age. We have toys that I think are amazing that he's not even old enough for yet. And then there are the ones I have yet to buy! I have LISTS of stuff I can't wait to buy for him!

New to that list are the toys from Boikido (another French company!). "Bois" in French is "wood" - and "Kido" is "kids" so in free translation you could call it " Wood for kids". "Boi-Kido". Boikido has a unique outlook on play and design and its evident in their line of very cool products.

To satisfy Semi-Crunchy, they even have an Eco-Line of premium wooden toys with a special focus on sustaining the environment while maintaining a high level of social awareness.

All wood used in the “Boikido Eco Friendly” line are made from certified FSC wood. This means that the wood has been monitored to come from responsibly managed plantations that meet the FSC standards of biodiversity, ecological and productive processes as well as social standards under which local communities can benefit from plantation activities without disturbing the eco System.

They use water-based paints on them, too. Water-based technology is in many respects more environmentally friendly than solvent-based paints. Release of volatile organic compounds (VOC) is minimized, the paints are easily solidified and can typically be disposed as non-hazardous waste following appropriate disposal guidelines. As in all Boikido products, all paints used are non-toxic.

The packaging in which you receive your new ”Boikido Eco Friendly” toy is made of recycled cardboard and is printed with soy bean inks certified by ASA (American Soybean Association). Soybean oil and Soy Bean protein used in this ink are a bioreducible nontoxic predominantly vegetable oil paint comprising a paint base and a colorant blend.
Available at Toys R and numerous sites across the internet.
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  1. Love these! I look at them at BabiesRUs and ToysRUs all the time! Ihave to restrain myself from ordering lots and lots of them!